The MQGF tongue person

Melbourne Queer Games Festival 22nd and 23rd October 2018


To inform, entertain and challenge LGBTIQ players by reflecting their lives in games.

To bring the best of world queer culture to Melbourne and enhance the reputation of Australian game developers.


The Melbourne Queer Games Festival (MQGF) is a relaxed, lofi, online event held over two days (22-23 October) in Melbourne by a small team of volunteers who love queer games. It includes a livestream, website, game bundle and awards programme. More details soon.

Mailing List

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MQGF is open to ALL developers of LGBTIQ video games from ALL OVER THE WORLD. Big games, small games, fun games, serious games, trash games. We want them all.

Submit your game now.

Entry is free. Closes 15 September 2018.


MQGF is looking for youtube/twitch/steam streamers to play the submitted games on our stream during the festival in thirty minute intervals.

Read more about it here.


"tongue" (MQGF mascot) by ben_with_pen